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The best balance board exercises for at home

These days, most people hardly have time to make the long journey to the gym after work. Jogging and cycling can be a good alternative, but this usually requires reasonably good weather. However, you can still get fit easily with our help - in this article, we present the best balance board exercises to do at home.

You can use them at any time and without much effort for 10, 20 or 30 minutes to improve your fitness and sense of balance at the same time. Our practical balance board exercises are suitable for both children and adults.

Why are balance board exercises so beneficial?

For many people, prolonged sitting and reduced outdoor activities lead to weak core muscles, which can cause numerous problems in everyday life. Typical first signs can be back or neck pain.

This is precisely why balance board exercises are so beneficial:

  • Targeted strengthening of the important core muscles
  • Simultaneous training of balance and fine motor skills
  • Perfect for warming up & building muscle
  • Flexible training plans and levels of difficulty
  • Low risk of injury and accidents

With a high-quality wooden fitness balance board, you can easily benefit from effective training. We present great exercises for beginners and advanced users in the following sections.

Our top balance board exercises for beginners

Especially at the beginning, it is not uncommon to have to build up your core muscles a little first. Most people only manage a few seconds on the board at the beginning before they can slowly increase the time.

1. balancing on the cork hemisphere

As the balance board was initially primarily intended for surfing and skiing fans, balancing on your legs is one of the main exercises. It trains the entire musculature and strengthens balance, which can benefit you in many sports. Start with the hemisphere and slowly work your way up to the roll and finally the ball. You can also find more information on this in our beginner's guide.

2. static planks

But today there are many more useful balance board exercises that can train your abdomen, back and knees. Particularly popular are the so-called plankswhere you hold a static plank position similar to a push-up. Place your forearms or hands on the board and then stretch out your body. You must then hold this position for as long as possible - whether on the cork hemisphere or on the roller.

3. push-ups on your knees

Push-ups on your knees are another great balance board exercise for beginners. So if you have a problem with normal push-ups, you can use this simpler variation. Place your hands on the board, either with a hemisphere or roller as a base, and then push your upper body up and down. Your lower body is supported by your knees.

4. bridging or glute bridges

You can even do some exercises without a wobble board, for example Glute bridges. To do this, lie on your back on the floor and bend your knees almost vertically. Then place your feet on the cork roller before pushing your pelvis up. Your buttocks and pelvic muscles will be working hard during this exercise, which can help to tone your muscles.

5. back extensions or back stretches

Some balance board exercises can specifically strengthen your back. If you have to sit in the office or at a school desk for a long time and don't exercise, you often have a weak lower back. This is exactly when back extensions are a great option: lie on the board with your stomach lengthways and then raise your upper body. You will feel your lower back muscles at work.

Our top balance board exercises for advanced users

If the exercises mentioned above are already too easy for you, you can of course also try the following. Even if you already have experience with squats/knee bends, the balance board will still present you with an additional challenge.

1. balancing on the rubber ball

If you are looking for an optimal balance trainer, you can balance the board on a rubber ball later on. rubber ball (at Surfin we only use environmentally friendly TPE!). This means that, unlike the roller, movements are possible in all directions on the ball. Even experienced balance boarders work up a sweat during this exercise and have to work hard to stay on the board.

2. balance board squats

Most people can do a squat almost effortlessly. But standing on a balance board requires significantly more work. Due to the additional instability, every squat is a small feat of strength because you have to maintain perfect balance during the exercise. So if static balancing has become too easy for you, you can also try squats.

3. proper push-ups

If push-ups on your knees are too easy for you (see above), simply try real push-ups on the board. This requires significantly more strength, while the board demands maximum balancing performance from you. The big advantage: you train your entire upper body and the many small muscle groups at the same time. This gives you a great workout to strengthen your chest, shoulders and triceps.

4. different plank variations

Static planks are one of the most popular balance board exercises, but after a while they become too easy for most people. Fortunately, there are numerous challenging variations that require significantly more skill. For example, you can hold a plank while alternately pulling one leg forward to your chest or lifting it backwards.

5. standing on one leg

If you get better and better at balancing as you gain experience, you can even try it on one leg later on. To do this, put the board to one side and concentrate fully on the cork hemisphere. This is enough for you to stand on it with one foot and then balance your own weight - a great exercise for perfect balance!

All our balance board exercises are also available as videos

You're sure to find more balance board exercises as PDFs on the internet, but we even have them available as an informative video. Click on this link and take a look at all the exercises mentioned if you have any further questions or can't get to grips with the description. We at Surfin Balance will help you with your effective workout!

Conclusion: Get fit in no time with the right balance board exercises

Balance boards are the ideal companion for your efficient workout, whether at home, in the garden or on the beach. Both beginners and advanced users can put together an individual training plan and easily train their abs, back, knees and much more with the right balance board exercises.

Do you have any further questions on this topic or are you interested in a high-quality balance board from Surfin? Then get in touch now contact now - we will be happy to advise you!

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