The flow of #SurfinTEAM – Surfin Balance

Life is short. Stay focused. Stay in balance.

We are a team of surfing enthusiasts who have made it our mission to bring the surfing feeling to land. Our founder Alex, an experienced surfer, had the idea of developing a balance board that would make it possible to practise and improve surfing on land in a versatile and varied way.

Alex caught surf fever in Australia's most beautiful surfing spot, Byron Bay, and brought it home with him. With the Surfin Balance Board, anyone can now experience and improve their surfing skills, regardless of the conditions. The #SurfinTEAM works together and tirelessly to experience this unique feeling for yourself. With love, handmade and high-quality balance boards, an active community and always new tricks, we make sure that you never get bored.

This is what Surfin Balance means

Surfin Balance doesn't just stand for going surfing and surfing with your friends, Surfin Balance stands for balance in life. Without balance in life, you can't have balance on any board. It requires concentration in the here and now! That's why the Surfin brand reflects the pure feeling of freedom and balance in life.

Jump on a board and be part of ourSurfinBalance communityand together we will not only bring the surfing feeling ashore but also reduce the impact on the environment. environment with it. Experience every day full of adventure and freedom and be one of us#SurfinPEOPLE- Let's Vibe!

What are you waiting for? Get the board in your color at home, in the sunny garden or simply in the office.