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Balance board as a balance trainer - your personal helper

A good balance has numerous benefits in everyday life that can significantly improve your quality of life. This starts with a better sense of well-being and extends to improved performance in sport. This is why the balance board is becoming increasingly popular as a practical balance trainer - both children and adults can benefit significantly from it.

Would you also like to strengthen your sense of balance in a simple way and train your muscles at the same time? Then a fitness balance board made of wood is just the thing for you. In this article, we explain what you need to know about this topic.

Why is a good sense of balance so important?

Without good balance, even supposedly simple activities can become a real test of patience. This is particularly noticeable with increasing age, but due to lack of exercise even affects the younger generations.

A strong balance, on the other hand, offers numerous advantages:

  • It contributes to a robust and resilient musculature
  • More self-confidence during complex movements
  • Increased quality of life and a better attitude towards life
  • It reduces the risk of injury during sport

That's why, in principle, everyone can benefit from it. With a balance board at your side as your personal balance trainer, you can achieve quick results in no time at all. We explain how it works.

Balance board balance training builds confidence

Unfortunately, modern people spend a lot of time sitting down, whether at work, at school or in their private lives. In the long term, without the necessary balance, this can weaken the core muscles and sense of balance. Even the simplest activities become difficult because you lack the important stability.

The balance board as a balance trainer can act as the perfect counterbalance. Although it was originally developed primarily for surfing and skiing fans, that was 70 years ago. Due to today's problems, above all lack of exercise and lack of outdoor activities, it is now rightly popular among practically all groups.

Because it strengthens your sense of balance in a simple and gentle way. Just a few minutes a day can have a noticeable impact on your muscles, fine motor skills and confidence. Have you lost your balance? Then a balance board with the right exercises is just the answer.

Balance board balance trainer helps with sports

You can also benefit from it in a wide range of sports. A balance board is mainly used for surfing and skiing, but it also helps with skateboarding or even soccer. You will be more stable and stay on your feet for longer.


Hardly any other activity requires such a good sense of balance as surfing. After all, you have to balance your entire weight on a board that has no solid surface. In addition, there are unpredictable wave movements. With a balance board, you can strengthen your balance even outside the surfing season.


The same applies to skiing, which is far more popular in Germany, Austria and Switzerland than surfing (after all, we lack sunny beaches most of the year). Skiers and snowboarders can train efficiently at home with a balance board without having to wait for the next winter.


Budding skateboarders have to spend a lot of time at the beginning trying to stay on their feet. A balance board as a balance trainer can make this process much easier. It prepares your body to be able to react quickly if the ground suddenly changes (e.g. due to sand or stones).

Other sports

But as mentioned at the beginning, there are actually no restrictions. While surfing, skiing and skateboarding are the closest to balancing on a balance board, other sports also benefit from it. Whether it's soccer, handball or basketball - if you can keep your balance during sport, you have a decisive advantage.

These balance board exercises for optimal balance

The boards are sometimes also known as wobble boards or wobble boards, which already indicates the challenge. Anyone who has ever stood on a balance board knows how difficult it can be to keep your balance.

Both feet firmly on the balance board

Most people start by strengthening their balance on a balance board with a cork hemisphere. This is the easiest option, but you can hold on to a chair or table if necessary. Once you have made some progress, you can then switch to the cork roller and finally the rubber ball. All three accessories are supplied with your board at Surfin Balance!

Squats as an additional challenge

But the balance board can do even more as a practical balance trainer. With squats, you not only have more of a balancing challenge, but you can also train your leg muscles at the same time. This can be a fun and challenging alternative to otherwise boring squats. Make sure you move slowly and in a controlled manner, otherwise you will quickly lose your balance.

With one leg on the cork half ball

As you gain experience, you can even try balancing on one leg, which will challenge your sense of balance in a completely different way. You don't even need the board for this, just the cork hemisphere. Place one foot on the flat top and then try to balance your entire body weight on it. But be careful, even professionals have their difficulties with this.

More balance board exercises in our article

Are you interested in other great exercises to strengthen your sense of balance, your muscles and your fine motor skills? Then take a look at our blog - we've written a whole article on the best balance board exercises to do at home. You can even find a corresponding video that explains all the movements in detail.

Conclusion: A balance board as a balance trainer is inexpensive and versatile

Balance boards are becoming increasingly popular because they can offer you numerous benefits. They can be an ideal companion, especially if you want to strengthen your balance or muscles in a targeted way. Inexpensive to buy and highly versatile, they are an ideal alternative to the gym.

A balance board is your personal balance trainer that is always ready for an efficient workout at home. Flexible and needs-based training programs and fun challenges go hand in hand. Boredom exercises are a thing of the past!

Do you have any further questions on this interesting topic? Then simply contact or order your high-quality Surfin Balance Board.

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