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You can trust Surfin

Find your personal balance

Cork hemisphere

Perfect for beginners who have yet to hold a balance board in their hands

Cork roll

Ideal for advanced boarders. Practice with the cork roller and try your first tricks

Balance ball

Feel the freedom of 360 degrees of play with the Surfin Balance Ball from Surfin

Surfin's Community Bestseller

Choose a board in your color

🏆 The 2023 test winner among the balance boards 🏆

🤣 Fun for young and old

4️⃣ -Part balance board bundle

🏄‍♂️ Balance board with rocker shape

🪵 100% real wood

"What are you waiting for? Get your board"

The children love it

After just a few times on the board you can see how much fun the little ones have with it. The kids just love the board!

Alexandra on 24.07.2022

World class

I can only rave about it! The workmanship and quality of the board are simply stunning. Above all, I like the intense workout with the board.

Lena on 09.11.2022

Soo extensive

I love the board! With the 3 different levels of difficulty, the board is not only varied but also enables so many cool tricks - I never get bored here.

Phillip on, 12.05.2022

Balance board exactly in your style

Let your creativity run wild

🖌️ Your do-it-yourself design on your board

🏄‍♂️ Rocker shape with 100% board versatility

🪵 Natural wood without lacquer sealant

🎨 Can be painted with acrylic paints

What makes Surfin so special

Perfect for our little ones

Surfin for motor skills & balance

Surfin as physio-regeneration

Our task

Cleaning up the world's oceans from plastic

With every board we produce, we independently and voluntarily support the largest organization for the removal of plastic from the sea. This organization as well as Surfin Balance have made it their mission....

You can trust Surfin

Test grade: 1.3

We have been tested! We are proud to announce: We have proudly passed with a school grade of 1.3!

You can trust Surfin's quality and brand. As in 2022, we will continue to deliver the best quality balance boards and accessories to our great customers, directly to your home.

Surfin Trick's

FAQ / Frequently asked questions

Why Surfin?

Surfin is a local company that helps children and adults to find more balance in their lives through sport and play. Even with a 100% fun factor guarantee! In addition to an extensive balance board with additional exercises, workouts and tricks, Surfin supports an organization as an independent supporter, completely voluntarily. Through Surfin's monthly support, tons of plastic are fished out of the sea, removed and recycled. Without our great Surfin customers, this would never have been possible!

Why balance boarding?

A balance board is a true multi-tool piece of sports equipment. Especially with the
bundle from Surfin, you have a varied and versatile
workout. Different levels of difficulty are waiting for you! In addition to
varied balance training, the balance board is also great for workouts
and home workouts. We have put together some
training videos for you. Take a look at them here. Off to the workout

What does the board promote?

The balance board promotes balance in general, fine motor skills in the
feet, strengthens and trains the muscles. With the board, you learn to get your balance
under control. In addition to rocking back and forth, you can also do some
very cool tricks with it. We have made some
training videos available for you. To the Beginner Guide and the Tips&Tricks

Who is the balance board suitable for?

The balance board is particularly suitable for children to train their balance. Of course, it is also suitable for all board sports enthusiasts such as surfers, skateboarders and snowboarders. The balance board is also suitable for yoga exercises and, in some cases, Pilates.

Is snowboarding good for your health?

In addition to the fun factor, the balance board has many other positive
effects on the body, muscles and mind. When balancing, it is best
to concentrate 100% on boarding and keep your focus on
. Especially in stressful jobs, the board can provide a real life balance for in-between or
after work. Handmade for body, mind
and soul.

Lose weight with the Balance Board?

The balance board is not primarily designed for weight loss. However, it can have a positive "side effect" in terms of weight loss. Training and balancing also burns calories and strengthens and trains the surface and deep muscles in the legs.

What do you get with this bundle?

The 4-piece balance board bundle comes with 3 different levels of difficulty, a cork hemisphere for beginners, a cork roller for the more advanced and a balance ball for the real experts among us. This provides beginners and experts with a balance experience that is incredibly fun and also extremely varied.

Is balance boarding useful for children?

In a nutshell. YES. Balance boarding, especially for children, is very useful and supports the core muscles in the legs at a growing age, you train fine motor skills and have a lot of fun as a nice side effect.

Are there exercises for this?

YES, of course! There are lots of exercises and tricks possible with the balance board. In addition to rocking back and forth and some really cool tricks on the board, you can do an intensive workout at home. Simply a real multi-sports device.
Off to the workout

Is balance boarding a sport?

Definitely YES. Balanceboarding while simply rocking back and forth, with a
trick here and there, burns between 300 and 500 calories per hour. A
workout with the balance board can burn well over 500 calories per hour

How sustainable is Surfin?

Surfin is a conscious and nature-conscious, local company in the
beautiful Tyrol, Austria. Surfin supports an organization with every board it produces, both of which have set themselves the goal of working to eliminate ocean plastic from the world's oceans and free them from plastic. But the balance ball is made of plastic, right? Yes, exactly. The balance ball is made of TPE (thermoplastic elastomers), a material that consists of 100% recycled materials. The TPE material is completely harmless to health and is also 100% environmentally friendly. We guarantee that! You don't have to worry about this when buying a Surfin Balance Board.

Do you need help buying a board?

Still unsure about buying a balance board? Don't worry! We are available to answer any questions you may have about balance boarding and balance sports. Simply send us your question(s) in the integrated chat and one of our employees will help you.

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