Our task – Surfin Balance

Our task

Cleaning up the oceans from plastic

With every board we produce, we independently and voluntarily support the largest organization for the removal of plastic from the sea. #TeamSeas, as well as Surfin, have made it their mission to rid the ocean of all the plastic waste. There is truly nothing more damaging than marine pollution, microplastics and the associated killing of marine life. Apart from the fact that it's just annoying when you come across a plastic bottle or bag while surfing.

We all don't want that! 👎

We as #TeamSurfin promote this great idea and the implementation of #TeamSeas to free the plastic-infested beaches and seas from garbage.
Here not only plastic is removed from the sea and recycled, but also the interception of plastic from rivers and the removal of garbage islands or garbage studs that have formed due to the current in the sea and free-floating plastic parts.

We are not only a loyal supporter in 2022, no, we are also strongly promoting this goal as a strong community in 2023.

We are therefore a proud independent and free supporter of 2023.

Unabhängiger Unterstützer 2023

For a clean world and nature! 🌍
Join us and support us in this task!

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