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Surf your balance: balance boarding - the new favorite alternative of Olympic athletes!

In the fascinating world of sport, there are constantly new trends and innovative training methods that help athletes perfect their skills and improve their performance. One of these emerging methods is balance boarding, which is increasingly establishing itself as the ultimate challenge for Olympic athletes. With its focus on balance, coordination and core stability, the balance board offers a versatile and effective way to improve athletic performance. Below, we explore the allure behind the balance board and why it has become a favorite among the world's top athletes.

Athletes love the balance board

The versatile applications of the balance board make it a valuable addition for athletes in various disciplines who want to improve their balance, coordination and stability to take their athletic performance to the next level.


Surfers use balance boards to improve their balance and coordination on the board, especially when the waves are not optimal for surfing. By practicing on the balance board, they can improve their ability to stand on the surfboard and ride waves while strengthening their muscles and sharpening their reaction time.

Snowboarding and skiing

For snowboarders and skiers, the balance board is an excellent tool to refine their balance and footwork. By mimicking the movements on the snow, they can strengthen their muscle groups that are crucial for balance and stability on the board or skis. This can help prevent falls and improve overall performance on the slopes.


Balance boards are also popular with skateboarders as they help them to improve their balance and board feel. By practicing on a balance board, skaters can improve their ability to hold grinds, ollies and other tricks on the skateboard by training their stability and coordination on an unstable surface.

Gymnastics and acrobatics

For gymnastics and acrobatics athletes, the balance board is a great way to improve their body control and stability. By training on the balance board, they can strengthen their ability to perform balance and equilibrium exercises, which helps them to refine their acrobatic skills and perform demanding movements more safely.

Surfing and kitesurfing

In addition to surfing, the balance board is also popular with kitesurfers. By training on a balance board, kitesurfers can improve their balance on the board, sharpen their reaction time and strengthen their muscles to prepare them for the challenges of kitesurfing, especially in changing conditions on the water.

The balance board revolutionizes Lena Kreundl's swimming career

Lena Kreundl, an aspiring swimmer from Austria, has gained recognition in the world of swimming through her persistent hard work and dedication. Since her beginnings in swimming, she has relied on a combination of talent, diligence and innovative training to continuously improve. An important addition to her training program is the Balance Board, which not only improves her balance, but also takes her entire swimming technique to a higher level.

For Lena Kreundl, the Balance Board is far more than just another piece of training equipment - it is an indispensable tool that has helped her to optimize her swimming performance. In an interview, she emphasized the importance of balance board training for her development as a swimmer: "The balance board has had a huge impact on my ability to precisely control my movements in the water. It has helped me to improve my balance and strengthen my core muscles, which also has an impact on my swimming technique."

The balance board has also helped Lena Kreundl to train her reaction time and refine her body control, making her an even more agile and efficient swimmer. "When I train on the balance board, I constantly have to make small adjustments to keep my balance. These subtle movements have helped me to improve my sensitivity to the water currents and my ability to adapt to different conditions," she explains.

In addition, the balance board has helped Lena Kreundl to prevent injuries and improve her overall fitness. "Training on the balance board is challenging, but it's worth it. It has helped me to prevent injuries and increase my stability, especially in the core muscles," she says. "It's also a great way to activate my muscles and increase my endurance, which has a positive effect on my performance in the water."

Overall, the Balance Board has had a positive impact on Lena Kreundl's career as a swimmer. Through her dedication to training on the Balance Board, she has not only improved her technical skills, but also strengthened her mental strength and fighting spirit. "The balance board has become an indispensable part of my training. It challenges me and motivates me to keep getting better. It's a source of inspiration and a reminder that the path to success is a balance between dedication and perseverance," concludes Lena Kreundl.

Other Surfin Balance Board users also rave about it

Using the Surfin Balance Board has proven to be extremely beneficial for people of all ages and fitness levels. By exercising regularly on the balance board, users not only improve their balance and coordination, but also strengthen their core muscles, leading to improved stability in daily life. This increased stability allows users to better focus on their movements and activities, be it surfing, skating, snowboarding or simply walking and standing.

In addition, training on the surf balance board can help prevent injuries as it strengthens the muscles that are used during falls or abrupt movements. Last but not least, balance board training increases users' self-confidence as they feel safer and more stable, which in turn improves their athletic performance and quality of life. In summary, the integration of Surfin's Surf Balance Board into the training program of people from all walks of life helps to increase their satisfaction, performance and safety.

Tricks like the skateboard pros

Want to be able to do cool tricks on your balance board? Then try it out and upgrade your wobble board to a trick board!

Stand balanced on the board with your feet wide apart and get a firm footing on the board. Make a very small jump and turn 180 degrees, pulling the board with your feet. Regain your balance and repeat the process.

This move is inspired by skateboarding. It's a variation of the shove-it, where the rider kicks their board 180 degrees under their feet and then jumps back onto the board - but in our variation, the rider turns with the board.

You should make sure you have a firm grip on the board with your feet for this exercise, so wipe them and the board off a little if you're struggling.

When it comes to turning moves like this, make sure you've cleared some extra space around you in case you fly off on your first few attempts!

Healthier living with the Surfin Balance Board

We invite you to integrate the Surfin Balance Board into your fitness routine and get inspired. Discover the Premium Balance Board for yourself and use it like athletes like Lena Kreundl use it to improve their performance. Discover the versatility and benefits of this training device for your balance, coordination and muscles. Be motivated by new challenges and find out how the Surfin Balance Board can support you on your way to a fitter and healthier lifestyle.

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