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How to quickly get fit for summer 2024

In some places in Germany, temperatures are already exceeding 20 degrees and more, so it's not long until summer. Reason enough to wake up from hibernation and get back into shape. Although many people make this their New Year's resolution, it's often difficult to achieve during the cold season. With our tips, however, you can easily get fit in time for summer.

We'll show you various ways to get back into shape after the long winter. Whether at home, outdoors or in the gym - there is a suitable workout for every situation and in every location.

Basic tips for smart preparation

Most New Year's resolutions fail for one simple reason: you simply take on too much at once. Good planning, realistic goals and, above all, a suitable training frequency are therefore essential.

Here is some practical advice on getting fit for summer 2024:

  • Stick to a structured training plan instead of just going for it.
  • Choose a training frequency that you can maintain over the next few months.
  • Change your diet if necessary and avoid classic calorie bombs.
  • Set yourself realistic goals that awaken your ambition without overwhelming you.

For most people, it is better to exercise regularly twice a week than to start with five times a week and then give up shortly afterwards. Ideally, decide in advance how much time you can realistically plan for.

And this is exactly why thorough planning is so crucial when getting fit. Thanks to clear targets and goals, it's much easier to get into a rhythm that can accompany you through your everyday life without restrictions.

You have these options for getting fit for the summer

But how exactly can you boost your fitness quickly in spring? The classic options certainly include strength and endurance training. But yoga or dancing are also possible.

1. strength training to strengthen the muscles

For many people, getting fit is all about their figure. That's why strength training is an excellent option for shaping your body and doing something for your circulation at the same time. After all, a challenging workout will also get you out of breath, which naturally contributes to better stamina (even if that's not the focus).

With the following tips, your strength training will be a complete success:

  • Stick to the most important basic exercises.
  • Choose a weight that you can lift with absolute confidence.
  • Refrain from chasing personal records.
  • Take a break if you have pain or sore muscles.

Your physical health is also a priority when it comes to strength training and weight lifting. Therefore, choose lighter weights at first and then work your way up slowly. With the right approach, you can reduce your risk of injury but still make great progress. This way, you're sure to be fit by summer 2024.

2. cardio to burn calories outdoors

If, on the other hand, strength training just doesn't appeal to you, then cardio might be just the right alternative. Running and cycling have always been two of the most popular ways to keep fit all year round. But it's especially fun in spring due to the ideal temperatures.

Here is some advice for effective cardio:

  • Running, cycling, swimming, rowing and more are all possible.
  • If possible, invest in suitable, high-quality equipment.
  • Adapt your training time to the intensity (30 to 60 minutes).
  • Exercise even when the weather is not playing ball.

The big advantage of most types of cardio: the learning curve is not so steep. Many people can get started straight away and challenge their circulation a few times a week without outside help. However, you should definitely maintain your rhythm even in bad weather - with a rain jacket if necessary.

3 Yoga, Pilates and Tabata - getting fit without equipment

Would you prefer to work out at home without having to invest in expensive equipment? Perhaps yoga, Pilates or Tabata is the right choice. Yoga primarily strengthens flexibility and balance, while Pilates focuses on active movement instead of static postures. Tabata is almost considered a high-performance sport and belongs to the so-called HIIT training.

These are some tips for getting fit for the summer:

  • A high-quality yoga mat is beneficial for all three variations.
  • First decide on a variant and learn it properly.
  • Later, you can buy some light weights if necessary.
  • You can train on your own at home or join a class.

Yoga, Pilates and Tabata are particularly impressive due to their flexibility. You can use them to strengthen your core muscles and even train your endurance at high intensity. You can do all of this either at home or with the help of a course. Today, there are numerous classes in every major city, so all options are open to you.

4. getting in shape with dancing also works

But for many people, 'normal' exercise is sometimes boring because it ends up being the same repetitive movements over and over again. A dance class in your city can be a great alternative. Dancing not only challenges your circulation, but is also an incredibly fun social activity.

Dancing has many advantages:

  • Both solo and for couples easily possible.
  • Hip hop, Latin or ballroom dancing will get you in shape quickly.
  • Choose a dance style that suits you and that you enjoy.
  • Dance classes encourage you to actually take part.

So if you're not into regular exercise, consider dance training. Another plus point is that you'll learn something for social occasions at the same time. Whether it's for the next party or wedding, dancing will keep you fit until the summer and you'll have a lot of fun at the same time.

5. balance board offers a fun workout at home

But there's another incredibly practical method: using the Surfin Balance Board at home, in the garden or even in the office. Balancing demands a lot from your body and at the same time strengthens your core muscles, your sense of balance and even your endurance at high intensity.

Just stick to the following tips:

  • Start with the hemisphere and work your way up to the cork roll.
  • Increase the duration on the board depending on your personal progress.
  • Incorporate other exercises, whether strength training or yoga.
  • You can easily train every day or a few times a week.

Although the balance board was originally designed for surfers and skiers it is now a great way to get fit for the summer. If necessary, simply increase the level of difficulty by practicing squats or push-ups on it, for example. This is not only more challenging than normal training, but also a lot more fun.

Conclusion: getting fit for summer has never been easier

Today, there are countless ways to get fit in time for summer. Whether it's strength training, cardio or a balance board - in the end, it's all about personal motivation. Stick to a method that you enjoy as much as possible. Looking for something new? Then try the high-quality balance board from Surfin now!

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