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20 questions and answers about the balance board

Balance boards are becoming increasingly popular, whether with athletes, for losing weight or as a practical companion for physiotherapy. However, many people are not aware of all the important benefits that the board can offer you. That's why we want to answer 20 common questions about the balance board in this article.

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1 What are the benefits of a balance board and what is it good for?

It is a versatile aid and training tool that can train numerous aspects at the same time. As the name suggests, it starts with balance. But it offers you even more, because you can use it to efficiently train your core muscles, your stability and your fine motor skills.

2. how useful and healthy is a balance board?

Unfortunately, nowadays we spend almost all day sitting down, whether at school, in the office or in our free time. This has a negative impact on our muscles, our sense of balance and our well-being. With a balance board, you can add a challenging workout to your daily routine at any time.

3. what does a balance board train and which muscles benefit?

You can use it to set up an effective full-body workout at home without having to compromise. Of course, it primarily helps with the core muscles as well as the legs and buttocks. But you can also do push-ups, squats and planks, which work all the muscles in your body.

4. can you lose weight with a balance board?

If you set up a challenging workout, you will work up a good sweat after a short time. Of course, the board also helps you lose weight. If you pay attention to your diet at the same time, you will lose the unnecessary pounds from the Christmas period in no time at all.

5. what are the best balance board exercises?

Different exercises are suitable depending on your goal. For example, standing statically on the board trains your balance and fine motor skills, while movements such as push-ups and squats develop your muscles. Simply select the right exercises from our article balance board exercises from our article.

6 How long do you have to train on a balance board?

You can work out entirely according to your own schedule. Make sure that you can train regularly. Once a week for 20 minutes can already make a significant difference. Or you can plan to do it two or three times a week for 10 minutes each time - as long as it fits into your daily routine!

7 Who is a balance board suitable for?

Children, schoolchildren, students, athletes, professionals and pensioners. The question should rather be: Who is it actually not suitable for? Everyone can benefit from strong core muscles and a good sense of balance. A balance board is therefore suitable for all target groups without exception.

8 Which balance board for beginners?

Basically, all boards are equally suitable for beginners and professionals. The level of difficulty is mainly determined by the surface. It is much easier to get started on a hemisphere than on a roller or a ball. With Surfin, all three aids are included with your balance board.

9. is a balance board also suitable for children?

Even young children today suffer from a lack of exercise, whether due to sitting for long periods at school or in their free time. A balance board can then be the perfect counterbalance: it represents a playful challenge that can inspire children.

10. which is the right balance board for seniors?

There are no special requirements for seniors either, as all exercises are easy on the joints and promote an active lifestyle. So the same applies as for beginners: the hemisphere is great to start with, but later even seniors can switch to the roller and maybe even the ball.

11. is a balance board good for the back?

It offers you an effective full-body workout by strengthening the important core muscles. This is particularly important for a healthy back and to prevent pain from prolonged sitting. You can also strengthen your back with targeted exercises such as planks and back extensions on the balance board.

12. can you train surfing with a balance board?

Of course you can! When it was patented in the USA more than 70 years ago, it was one of the main purposes. It enables surfers and skiers to train their balance off-season and even at home.

13. is a balance board suitable for the desk?

If you have to sit for long periods at the office, you should relieve your back from the sitting position for a few minutes every now and then. A balance board is perfect for this. Simply push your chair to the side and stand on the board. If you support yourself with your arms on the table, you can even continue working with a little practice.

14 How big should a balance board be?

In principle, boards can vary slightly in size, but a length of 80 cm is the best combination of practicality and challenge. There are also some slightly longer models, but in the end the differences are rather marginal.

15 Which base for a balance board?

There is actually not much to consider when it comes to the base. It must not slip and should be relatively firm. A normal wooden or stone floor is just as suitable as a thin carpet. You can even balance on the grass if you can find a flat spot.

16 How much does a wobble board or balance board cost?

As in many other leisure areas, there are wide price ranges here too. Inexpensive models are available from as little as one hundred euros, although you will have to make some compromises. For a little more, you usually get significantly better workmanship as well as sustainable and durable materials.

17. is there a balance board from ALDI?

Every now and then, the discounter also offers a balance board (or rather: balance plate), most recently in 2023. This is essentially a cheap plastic model that comes with many compromises. However, if you have to watch every euro, you can also use it to get started with boarding.

18. can you build a balance board yourself?

With a little craftsmanship, the right tools and the right balance board wood, you can even build one yourself. However, you should see this more as a fun project, as building one yourself usually costs more than buying one. You can find out more about this in our article.

19 What is the difference to a wobble board?

These are simply different terms used in German and English. In principle, they all mean the same thing: a balance board on which you can train your balance.

20 What is the best balance board?

In the end, of course, everyone has to answer this question for themselves. At Surfin, we focus on high quality workmanship and sustainability. Even our rubber ball is made from environmentally friendly TPE (thermoplastic elastomers). That's why our balance board emerged as the clear winner in a recent test.

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