Congratulations on your Surfin Board & thank you for your support 😊 – Surfin Balance

Congratulations on your Surfin Board & thank you for your support 😊

Below you will find all the important information and instructions for use for your Surfin Balance Board.

Have fun boarding with SURFIN🏄‍♂️

Instructions for boarding

Scope of delivery

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General information

Please read these instructions for use and keep them for later reference. It contains important information on commissioning and using the balance board.
There are some safety instructions for the balance board that you should observe, otherwise there is a risk of injury to the user or damage to the balance board, cork and other accessories.
Keep these operating instructions for later use. If you pass the balance board on to a third party, be sure to hand over these operating instructions as well.


Safety always comes first at Surfin, so please follow the instructions when using the board. The board is designed for a maximum weight of 120 kg and is intended exclusively for personal use. With regard to the use of the balance board by children, this should only be done under the supervision of a good friend, family member or family. Use the Balance Board as described in these instructions for use. Any other use of the board is considered improper and may result in property damage and risk of injury. The manufacturer or dealer accepts no liability for damage caused by incorrect or improper use. for damage caused by incorrect or improper use.

Use of the balance board can be dangerous if the following points are not observed.

Therefore, make sure that you have read and complied with the following points.

  • Only use the balance board in places where you have freedom of movement and where there is sufficient space.
  • Wear appropriate protective equipment (e.g. elbow or knee pads) and ensure that you have a firm foot or shoe hold with closed shoes or bare feet.
  • Only use the balance board on flat and dry surfaces that are free of stones, dirt and sand to avoid slipping. Make sure that the surface is hard and non-slip (concrete, floors specially designed for skateboards or parquet/wood floors are suitable here - please be aware of the risk of damage to wooden floors).
  • Jumping on the balance board is classified as dangerous and can lead to injuries!
  • Pushing, pulling or pushing people on the balance board is dangerous and can also lead to injuries.
  • Do not use the board on public roads or paths.
  • Do not exceed the maximum load capacity of 120 kg.
  • Under certain circumstances, small parts may detach from the cork. These small parts must be kept away from children and babies as there is a risk of suffocation.
  • This balance board is not intended for use by persons (including children) with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities or lack of experience and / or understanding, unless they are supervised by a person responsible for their safety.
  • Children and babies may only use the board if a person responsible for their safety is immediately present.
  • Make sure that children and babies do not play with the packaging so that no material can come loose and possibly cause suffocation.
  • Appeal to parents: please read through the instructions for use and operating instructions with your children.

    Risk of damage

    Improper use of the balance board can lead to damage to the board or damage to property. Therefore:

    • Do not place the balance board in the rain
    • Only use the original accessories supplied
    • Do not immerse it in water or other liquids
    • Do not use abrasive or irritating cleaning agents
    • Store the board in a dry place
    • Store the board so that it cannot fall down
    • Store the board so that it is protected from the weather and moisture
    • Place the board, the cork or the balance ball NEVER exposed to high temperatures (e.g. oven or fire)
    • Do not make any aesthetic changes (e.g. stickers, adhesives and foils) to the balance board or accessories that are not intended for this purpose by the manufacturer. (Only the DIY Natural Wood Balance Board may be painted exclusively with Surfin brand acrylic paints; the use of other paints and acrylic paints is not intended for the Balance Board and should not be used)
    • Only use the balance board and accessories as recommended by the manufacturer.

    First use with the balance board

    • First, check that all components are included with the balance board
    • Open the packaging very carefully, as using a knife can damage the balance board or the accessories.
    • Make sure that all components and the scope of delivery are correct and undamaged.
    • If there is already damage to the board or accessories when you open the package, please send a message to the Surfin Balance service address.
    • Only use the balance board in places where you have sufficient freedom of movement and plenty of space.
    • Balance boarding can be dangerous and can lead to serious injuries due to slipping, inexperience or falling off the balance board. Protective equipment such as elbow or knee pads is therefore highly recommended.
    • Only practice and use the balance board in such a way that you are always in control of it.
    • Only use the balance board as described by the manufacturer. The manufacturer or dealer is not liable for any modifications or alterations.
    • Make sure that you do not endanger or injure other people.
    • We recommend that our customers regularly check and inspect the balance board for sharp edges, chipping or wear.
    • Detailed instructions and the corresponding beginner and expert videos can be found on our website

    General operation

    Balance board instructions for reading:

    1) Make sure you have enough space and freedom of movement

    2) Place the roller on a non-slip and firm surface.

    3) Now place the board roughly in the middle of the cork roll.

    4) Now place your main foot approximately level with the logo. Now place your second foot on the end of the balance board.

    5) Now you can feel your way forward and shift your weight forwards step by step until you can stand freely on the balance board.

    6) If you are still unsteady on the balance board, either get a friend, a ladder or support yourself on the door frame at home to keep your balance and get a feel for the board and the roller.

    7) Once you are confident with the board, you can start practicing your first tricks such as practicing spins. However, always be aware of other people, the risk of injury and damage to property.

    8) To get off the balance board, shift your weight forward and let yourself roll out or tilt backwards a little to get off the board safely.

    9) You can also watch the free beginner's guide video on YouTube. It shows you how to do the steps mentioned above in detail.

    Have fun and good luck :)

      Cleaning and maintenance

      • Cleaning and maintenance of the balance board are important for the material itself and have a direct influence on the longevity of the board.
      • Do not make any changes to the balance board, as this can lead to significant limitations and have a negative impact on the effectiveness of the board and accessories.
      • Only clean the balance board with mild cleaning agents and gentle cleaning equipment that do not leave any slippery residue.
      • Aggressive and sharp cleaning equipment such as knives, spatulas or metal brushes will directly damage the surface of the board and are definitely not permitted by the manufacturer.


      • Store the board and accessories dry and protected from the weather, humidity, extreme temperatures (cold and heat) and moisture.
      • Store the balance board safely to prevent it from being dropped or damaged.


      • The packaging of the balance board must be disposed of separately and sorted by type.
      • The Balance Board must not be disposed of with household waste. If the board is no longer functional or is so badly damaged that it can no longer be used, dispose of it in accordance with the regulations and rules in your country.

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