Our task – Surfin Balance

Our task

Cleaning up the oceans from plastic waste

With every board we produce, we independently and voluntarily support our strong partners at #TeamSeas, the largest organization dedicated to removing plastic from the ocean. It's encouraging to see that more and more people are getting involved in cleaning up the oceans and developing solutions to tackle this global environmental problem. By shopping at Surfin Balance, you can help us do just that!

Harmful microplastics and the increasing pollution of the oceans are extremely harmful to the natural habitat of countless animals, fish and plants. There really is nothing worse than seeing how sea creatures suffer and die from this pollution. Apart from that, you don't want to come across a plastic bottle or bag while swimming or surfing.

We can only achieve our goal with your help!

We at Team Surfin Balance are fully behind this project and support #TeamSeas in ridding beaches and oceans of plastic pollution. This is often no longer just about removing small pieces of plastic from the sea and recycling them. Rather, it is about removing entire islands or whirlpools of garbage that have formed from free-floating pieces of plastic due to ocean currents.

Surfin Balance has been a loyal supporter since the founding year 2022 and was able to make a major contribution in 2023 thanks to your help. In 2024, as a strong community, we want to continue our full commitment to this important goal.

We are therefore a proud independent and free supporter 2023.

Unabhängiger Unterstützer 2023

For a clean world and nature! 🌍
Join us and support us in this task!

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