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What is a balance board and what advantages does it offer you?

Unfortunately, most people nowadays spend the majority of their time sitting down. This is not only unhealthy in the long term, but also has a negative impact on body balance and fine motor skills. But there is an incredibly simple way to train these important aspects: the balance board. You can even do a fun, challenging and effective workout at home.

In this article, we explain what it is and what benefits it can offer you in everyday life. Whether to increase your general fitness or for targeted balance training - there are numerous possible uses.

What exactly is a balance board?

In German-speaking countries, you often hear the terms wobble board or wobble board, but ultimately they all mean the same thing. It's a wooden balance board on which you can playfully improve your balance, muscles and core stability. core stability in a playful way. The principle behind it is extremely simple.

The board is placed on either a hemisphere, a roller or a ball, on which you then balance your own weight with the help of your body. You stand on the balance board and try to keep your balance for as long as possible without having to get off. As you gain experience, you will get better and better at this.

At first glance, it seems very easy, but your body has to work hard with regard to fine motor skills and muscles. That's why it's such a great workout - it challenges you on several levels at once.

Brief history and trend development

The invention of the balance board dates back to 1953, when the American Stanley Washburn Jr. filed a patent for it. Even back then, it was considered an ideal way to train your balance outside of the skiing or surfing season. This is why the balance board quickly gained popularity among surfing and skiing fans.

Over the years, however, there have been more and more practical opportunities to use it for other useful purposes. People after an accident or in old age, for example, rely on balance board physiotherapy to get fit or keep fit. It is even used by professional dancers as a balance trainer.

Of course, the trend has now also reached Europe and Germany in particular. This simple training can offer you numerous benefits, which we will briefly present in the next section.

What advantages does a balance board offer you?

Whether it's a balance board for children or adults, it can be a great and fun workout for everyone. That's why the so-called wobble board is becoming increasingly popular - the many advantages are obvious.

1. effective workout at home

Most people are reluctant to make the long journey to the gym or go jogging in the rain. These disadvantages do not exist with a fitness balance board, as all exercises can easily be done in your own living room or children's room. It takes up little space, makes no noise and does not require long preparation.

2. it's fun and challenging

But just because you can exercise at home doesn't mean you have to sacrifice the fun factor. On the contrary, there are several levels of difficulty, fun challenges and countless ways to vary your training. Experienced boarders balance skillfully on the board while juggling three balls.

3. to prepare for the sport

In many sports, good balance is the decisive factor par excellence. Whether surfing, skiing or even playing soccer - if you can stay on your feet, you have an unbeatable advantage. That's why balance board exercises are also something for all athletes who value a strong sense of balance.

4. the perfect companion for physio

After an accident or injury, sporting activities are often the best way to get fit again quickly. However, cycling and running require good weather conditions and can put a strain on the joints. Balancing on a board, on the other hand, is easy, easy on the joints and yet challenging. It is therefore ideal for gentle physiotherapy.

5. it improves your posture

In the end, all the positive aspects in terms of musculature, fine motor skills, sense of balance and core stability are reflected in a significantly better posture. This makes the balance board the ideal counterbalance to long periods of sitting, whether in the office or at the school desk. All age groups can benefit from it.

Different balance board difficulty levels

In addition, there are of course several levels of difficulty to suit both beginners beginners as well as offering professionals the necessary challenge.

With different levels of experience, you balance as follows:

  • Beginner: On a cork hemisphere
  • Advanced : On a cork roller
  • Expert: On a rubber ball

Over time, you can simply decide for yourself when you are ready for the next step. Another advantage of this training method: as you gain experience, there are no unexpected follow-up costs - balance boarding is inexpensive and cost-transparent.

Questions and answers

What are the benefits of a high-quality balance board from Surfin?

We rely on durable materials, sustainable processing and strict quality control. This ensures that you can have fun with our board for a very long time and benefit from the many advantages for your fitness. You also make a strong contribution to environmental protection - because that is our task.

How long do I have to train with the balance board?

There are no strict guidelines and everyone can answer this question for themselves. Just 5 to 10 minutes a day can deliver visible results. If you only train twice a week, you can also benefit from balance boarding. It is much more important to remain consistent and always stick to your chosen goal.

Can you build a balance board yourself?

In principle, of course, it is possible, but it is not usually recommended. A normal board cannot withstand the high load in the long term and can break in the middle, leading to dangerous wood splinters. Balance boards from Surfin rely on high-quality materials and professional workmanship to prevent this from happening.

Conclusion: A balance board can offer you numerous advantages to easily increase your fitness

Many people wonder whether there is a practical way to keep fit easily at home. A balance board provides the perfect answer to this question: it's fun, challenging, takes up little space and is inexpensive to buy. It's a fun way for anyone to keep fit in their own living room.

The balance board from Surfin came out on top in the 2023 test and can help you to improve your balance and fitness in a targeted way. Do you have any further questions? Then simply get in touch with us - we'll be happy to help.

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